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My Experience with Mild COVID and Early Treatments

OCA columnist Nate Doromal describes what it’s like to come down with a mild case of COVID-19 and what he did over a two-week period to alleviate symptoms and eventually fully recover.

As Nate explains:

“I want to paint an honest picture of what getting COVID-19 was like. There are cases of people who got it but are largely asymptomatic or have symptoms akin to a cold. In contrast, I got decently sick - overall still considered mild COVID but akin to some of the tougher flu cases I have experienced. It took me a full two weeks until I could say I was recovered, which is pretty typical for mild cases.

“While getting COVID-19 was no walk in the park, too often, the media paints too fearful a picture of it, emphasizing dying people on ventilators and then long-haul COVID. The truth is that over one hundred million Americans, including myself, have recovered from COVID-19.” 

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