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Fishy Claims

Should the labeling and marketing claims about your smoked Atlantic salmon product match up with your reasonable expectations for what those claims mean?

We think so. 

That’s why we’ve sued Mowi, the world’s largest producer of Atlantic salmon products, for making misleading labeling and marketing claims about some of the company’s smoked Atlantic salmon products, sold under Ducktrap River of Maine brand name.

When it comes to fish, consumers have ranked the “minimal use of hormones and drugs,” “no pollution to the environment,” and “respect of fish welfare” as three of the four most important elements of sustainable aquaculture.

By those standards, consumers would be unlikely to give Mowi or Ducktrap a high ranking.

In this short post we take a look at some of Mowi and Ducktrap’s dubious claims, and why we believe they’re misleading to consumers.

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