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Court Rules That Government Has Failed to Warn People About the Dangers of 5G and Wireless Radiation

A recent landmark court ruling in a case brought by Children’s Health Defense (CHD) against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) should concern anyone who uses wireless technology (cell phones, iWatches and Wi-Fi), especially parents of children who use these devices.

On Aug. 13, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled the FCC’s 2019 decision that its 1996 guidelines adequately protect the public from non-cancer harms from 5G and wireless-based technologies was capricious, arbitrary and not evidence-based.

In 2019, after an alleged six-year review of the science on the potential harms of 5G and wireless technology, the FCC concluded the evidence showed no harm and therefore its 1996 guidelines are sufficient to protect the public and no review of the guidelines was warranted.

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