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'Punished, Exiled, Ruined'

It didn’t take long for the video “Plandemic” to go viral. It took even less time for Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and others to ban it, and for mainstream media to condemn it.

The woman behind “Plandemic”—Judy Mikovits—also has a new book out—“Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science.” 

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. wrote the foreword to Mikovits’ book (the book topped the Amazon bestsellers list last week). Of Mikovits, Kennedy writes:

"From the outset, the most daunting obstacle to Mikovits’ career advancement was her scientific integrity. She always placed it ahead of personal ambition. Judy Mikovits never meant to wade into a public health brawl. She never considered herself a renegade or revolutionary. Judy’s relatives mainly worked in government or law enforcement. They believed in the bedrock American principles of hard work, respect for authority, and, above all, telling the truth. That backdrop made it impossible for her to abandon her high natal standards of honesty and integrity even when they became a hindrance.”

In her latest statements about COVID-19, Mikovits draws from her research on retroviruses. That research, Kennedy says, “changed the paradigm of HIV-AIDS treatment, turning the disease from a death sentence into a manageable condition."

But as in the past, Mikovits challenges Big Pharma, Big Government, Big Medicine, Big Business and all the other “Bigs.”

And, as in the past, she is once again being punished, exiled and ruined—not unlike many other outspoken scientists of the past, from Galileo to Rachel Carson, according to Kennedy.

In the middle of a pandemic unlike we’ve ever witnessed, with so many unknowns and so few answers, should we really ban the voices of anyone who dares challenge the status quo? As Kenney argues:

"Science, at its best, is a search for existential truth. Sometimes, however, those truths threaten powerful economic paradigms. Both science and democracy rely on the free flow of accurate information. Greedy corporations and captive government regulators have consistently shown themselves willing to twist, distort, falsify, and corrupt science, hide information, and censor open debate to protect personal power and corporate profits."

Read RFK Jr.’s Foreward to the latest book by Judy Mikovits

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