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So Many Questions

How we ended up in the middle of a devastating global pandemic is, and will likely be for a long, long time, the subject of much debate.

But there is no debate about this: Scientists were conducting research on coronaviruses in a lab, in Wuhan, China, with funding from the U.S.

Were those scientists looking for a vaccine? Or were they up to something more nefarious? Did the COVID-19 virus accidentally escape the lab? Did someone knowingly let it out?

We should all demand answers, with an eye toward preventing the next pandemic. 

In the meantime, we’re scrambling for ways to stop the spread of COVID-19. We’re looking for ways to boost our immune systems, through healthier foods and supplements. We’re looking for better ways to treat people who are already sick with the virus.

And, of course, many scientists are focused on finding a vaccine. But is that the right solution? Is it even possible?

In this interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.—who has been branded an “anti-vaxxer” because he’s had the audacity to question Big Pharma and the vaccine industry—says this:

“Let me just talk for a minute about the COVID vaccine. We're all waiting for a vaccine, and by the way, Joe, if they come up with a vaccine and they've actually done real testing on it, safety testing, and the vaccine works, I would be happy to have the vaccine. But the problem is they're not testing it at this point.”

Kennedy walks us through the complicated world of vaccines and coronaviruses. It’s worth a watch (or if you’d rather read, the transcript is here.)

NOTE: OCA’s position on vaccine safety: Research suggests that some vaccines may be safe, some may not be safe, at least not for some people. As with any medicine, consumers have the right to know exactly what is in every vaccine, and what the latest, most reliable research says about the potential risk for each and every recommended vaccine, as well as the cumulative risks associated with aggressive vaccine schedules, and the potential risks of administering multiple vaccines simultaneously. We reject the false narrative, promoted by Big Pharma, that there are only two sides to the vaccine issue: pro-vaccine or "anti-vaxxer." Instead, as with any medication, we advocate that consumers seek guidance from reliable sources before taking vaccines or any other medication, and that medical practitioners and pharmaceutical companies provide truthful, up-to-date information about the safety and efficacy of any medicines, including vaccines, that they promote and profit from.

Read and watch this interview with RFK, Jr. 

Read the unedited transcript


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