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When Both Liberals and Conservatives Lose Their Minds

As we’ve pointed out recently, both Democratic and Republican politicians in Washington, and even at the state and local levels, seem to have lost their minds. They don’t seem to care about ordinary people, the working class, rural communities, the abysmal state of our food and farming systems, national and global poverty, the Constitution, the threat of nuclear and biological war, or the crisis of the environment and the climate. Their primary concern seems to be pleasing their wealthy donors and winning the next election by demonizing their opponents. The economy is crumbling. Only the wealthy and the major corporations are prospering.  With the escalation of the war in the Ukraine, we are closer to nuclear war with Russia than we’ve ever been. So-called anti-war leftists like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Illhan Omar just voted (along every single Democrat in the House, and most Republicans) to increase military spending and escalate the war in the Ukraine.

So-called partisans of “freedom” and vaccine/medical choice in the Republican party are calling for an end to women’s control over their bodies; an end to 200 years of granting political asylum to those fleeing violence and tyranny (unless they are white, blond-haired, and blue-eyed Ukrainians); and blathering on about there’s no such thing as an environmental and climate crisis.

Medical authoritarians like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are telling us to get ready for the next pandemic, which they admit will likely arise from a bioweapons attack or lab release/leak.

OCA, along with allied radical populists and libertarians believe the time has come to break up the duopoly of the Democratic and Republican parties, and break up the control of the billionaire class over our economy, politics, and our everyday lives. We need a new independent, grassroots-powered Third Party at the national level and we need a resurgence of non-partisan leaders and participatory democracy at the local and state levels. We are ready to work with any and all people of good faith, no matter how they’ve voted or not voted in the past. We don’t have to agree on every issue in order to work together. But we must build a new majority and regenerate, not just our food and farming systems, but our politics, health, and international relations as well.

We need your help, more than ever, to carry out this momentous task.

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