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NYT Loves GMOs

In a bombastic, 7,000-word article in the New York Times by Jennifer Kahn published on July 20, “Learning to Love GMOs,” we are admonished once again that genetically engineered foods and crops are perfectly safe, and oh-so-misunderstood by the average consumer. In the Great Reset of the future, Kahn tells us gene-edited foods will not only satiate our hunger and alleviate malnutrition and rural poverty, but cure our illnesses as well.

Over twenty years ago, I co-authored (with Ben Lilliston) one of the first consumer-oriented books on GMOs, entitled Genetically Engineered Foods: A Self-Defense Guide for Consumers. Kahn and her handlers at the Times obviously haven’t looked at my book or the many others that detail the obvious hazards of GMOs and the superiority of organic foods and farming. 

If I were allowed to debate Kahn and the other gene food cheerleaders such as Mark Lynas, I would point to the two thousand plus GMO articles on the OCA website that we have published over the last 25 years.

OCA’s archives provide overwhelming evidence that 

(1) GMOs are basically designed and patented to serve as delivery systems for the proprietary (and toxic) herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides sold by Bayer/Monsanto, Syngenta/ChemChina, and Corteva (formerly Dow/DuPont), such as Roundup, glufosinate, dicamba, and (the bee-killing) Bt. These toxic pesticides, which now permeate our food, our bodies, and our environment are the commercial drivers and necessary companion chemicals for all of these GMO foods and crops. 

(2) GMOs do not increase the safety or nutritional value of food, especially in comparison to organic products. 

(3) GMOs do not reduce poverty among small farmers or ranchers. 

(4) Healthy food, natural health remedies, and a healthy lifestyle are the essential ingredients for health and wellness, not genetically engineered or biopharmaceutical foods, crops, and vaccines. 

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