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Happy Ruling

As a conscious consumer you’ve already got your work cut out for you when it comes to making sense of all the certifications and marketing and labeling claims floating around on egg cartons and egg brands’ websites.

You shouldn’t have to also worry about whether egg brands are playing fast and loose with those claims. That’s why in March, Organic Consumers Association sued Happy Egg Co. for false, deceptive and misleading advertising claims related to the use of the term “pasture raised.”

As is typical when OCA sues a company for deceiving consumers, Happy Egg promptly asked the court to dismiss the case. We thought you’d like to know that the court denied Happy Egg’s motion to dismiss, so the lawsuit will proceed. 

We also thought you’d be either interested, amused or perhaps annoyed to learn how Happy Egg’s corporate “marketing brain” and legal team tried (unsuccessfully) to justify the less-than-straightforward language the company uses in an attempt to get more consumers like you to buy its brand. 

Read this week’s blog post ‘Happy’ Eggs from ‘Happy’ Hens? Here’s what Happy Egg Co. Really Believes for an “eggcellent” example of how brands defend their marketing tactics. 

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