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Looking Forward: Regenerating the Food System and Our Health

In 2022, OCA will join our food and natural health allies to launch a new campaign called Regeneration Health, drawing the connections between organic and regenerative food and farming (i.e. food as medicine), a healthy environment, and natural health. Our objective is to make organic and regenerative food and farming and natural health practices the norm, rather than just the alternative. We can move toward this goal by getting the public to understand that children and students, the elderly, nursing home residents, and those on Medicare and food stamps need access to locally and regionally-produced organic food, dietary supplements, holistic medical information and care, on a regular basis, at subsidized prices or free of cost.

South of the border, OCA’s Mexico affiliate, Via Organica is developing a new system of organic and regenerative agroforestry, utilizing fermented organic silage production and holistic livestock management, based upon native best practices and native desert plants (agave and nitrogen fixing companion trees such as mesquite) to restore ecosystems, sequester massive amounts of climate-destabilizing atmospheric CO2, and eliminate rural poverty. In 2022, OCA and Via Organica, with your help will begin to expand the Billion Agave Project into Texas and the Southwestern U.S.

We need your participation and your financial support to regenerate our health and to transform our degenerated food, farming and land-use systems through “best practices” that are organic and regenerative.

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