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Looking Forward: Regenerating Politics

COVID-19 has exposed the near-terminal degeneration of contemporary American politics. Although it may seem utopian at this time, in 2022 we must begin to break down the walls, the racial and economic barriers, and the single-issue silos that divide us and build up a new populist majority for health, peace, justice, environmental health, climate stability, and participatory democracy, starting at the local and state levels, urban and rural, but moving as quickly as possible to regenerate national and international priorities as well.

The U.S. has over 500,000 elected and appointed political officials at the local, county, state, and national levels. The behavior of most of these elected political officials during the pandemic has been less than stellar, in many cases authoritarian, arrogant, and disgraceful. It’s time for politicians to come clean, admit their mistakes, stop taking money from corporate special interests, and sit down and engage in honest conversation with all of their constituents: Democrats, Republicans, Independents, radicals, conservatives, liberals, and libertarians. Our ongoing task in 2022 and beyond will be to expose America’s corrupt politicians and drive them out of office. A nation and a body politic permanently divided cannot stand.

We need your participation and your financial support to regenerate our failing political system in the U.S. You can make a (non-tax-deductible) financial donation to OCA’s political lobbying affiliate, Citizens Regeneration Lobby here.

Thank you for your continuing support and participation. Please join us as we make 2022 a New Year of Resistance and Regeneration.

Ronnie Cummins
Organic Consumers Association
Regeneration International
Citizens Regeneration Lobby