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State of the Regeneration Movement

Global warming and its collateral damage to public health, the environment, biodiversity, and economic livelihoods can actually be reversed through a global scaling up of organic and regenerative best practices in combination with energy conservation and a transition to renewable energy. 

A new multi-partisan, transnational Regeneration Movement will have the power to stimulate a massive transfer (divestment) of government and private capital away from degenerative practices (unhealthy, highly-processed food, factory farms, GMO seeds, chemical and energy-intensive agriculture, soil and environmental degradation, and rampant deforestation) to regenerative practices instead. 

In 2022 and beyond the OCA, Regeneration International, and our allies will continue our efforts to educate and mobilize the body politic, across party lines and the rural-urban divide, to understand the importance of moving organic and agro-ecological food and farming to its next stage, which we call regenerative organic.

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