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COVID and America's Youth: A Vermont Doctor Speaks Out

Dr. Sandy Reider: “Putting aside the issues of the pandemic inspired, mind-numbing promotion of fear and division, ongoing scientific censorship, as well as political/economic agendas, one must ask the simple question: Are proposed mandates to administer the experimental injection to our children and youth, evidence-based? Equally important, are they ethical? ...

“Many of our youth have already contracted and recovered from Covid-19, and thus now have robust and durable immunity that is far superior to what the shots provide. Immunity from natural infection has in every instance been far superior to that provided by vaccines. There are no exceptions. There is now abundant scientific evidence that this is true of Covid-19 as well. Any person, particularly a child, being injected must first be screened for already existing immunity…

“Children and students have already paid a high price in terms of education, social isolation, mental health, and masking, not to mention being trained to avoid and fear others. Our societal norm has always been to protect the most vulnerable, especially children and pregnant women. Is it ethical to use them as a means to protect the old and frail, particularly when that strategy has never been proven? Haven’t they sacrificed and suffered enough? This utilitarian tactic, euphemistically termed “the greater good”, employed by all authoritarian regimes, is in the final analysis quite cruel, regardless of the risk/benefit equation. Mandating Covid-19 jabs in our young can, and should, be understood to be medical abuse.”

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