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Land Grabbing Across the World

Inter Press writes: 

“Land grabbing is a practice consisting of the purchase or lease of large tracts of fertile land by public or private entities, a phenomenon that rose significantly following the 2007-2008 world food economic crisis, describes the Slow Food organization.

"Imagine waking up one day to be told you’re about to be evicted from your home—being told that you no longer have the right to remain on land that you’ve lived on for years. And then, if you refuse to leave, you will be forcibly removed. For many communities in developing countries, this is a familiar story. Today land grabbing involves millions of hectares, equivalent to an area as big as Spain, and it continues to spread relentlessly…

“Transferring large parcels of agricultural land away from local communities threatens food sovereignty and their very existence. It also jeopardizes the environment and biodiversity by favoring intensive monoculture farming reliant on fertilizers and pesticides.” 

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