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Most Democrats Approve of the FBI, CIA, Government Censorship, and the Corporate Media, While Republicans Do Not

Glenn Greenwald investigates recent polls that indicate that 65% of Democrats (or Democratic-leaning voters) believe the government should force media organizations or platforms to censor “disinformation” on the internet even if it limits freedom of expression and information, while 28% of Republicans (or Republican-leaning voters) support government mandated censorship. A Pew research poll in 2021 found that 70% of Democrats approved of the CIA, while 78% approved of the FBI. More recent polls, including a Gallup poll found that 66% of Dems support the FBI (compared to 26% of Republicans) while 55% of Dems (and only 25% of Republicans) support or approve of the CIA’s behavior. Among Independents only 41% trust the FBI and only 42% trust the CIA.

Greenwald states: 

“So a majority of Democrats continue to express faith and trust in both the CIA and the FBI. We see exactly the opposite trend when it comes to Republicans. Only one out of every four Republicans trusts the FBI, in contrast to the overwhelming majority of Democrats, and for the CIA, it's even starker…”

“So, small percentages of independents and Republicans trust these two security state institutions while they remain incredibly popular among the Democratic Party. It isn't just tech monopolies and the government that Democrats trust to censor the internet. Nor is it the CIA and the FBI that Democrats overwhelmingly trust as well. They also overwhelmingly support.. the corporate media... the most recent Gallup poll on media... October 7th… Only 11% of Republicans trust the corporate media, independents 31%, and then Democrats close to 70%.”

One might ask of supposedly liberal Democrats and so-called progressives: what the hell is going on? The Democratic voters that once supported free speech and personal choice over one’s body, and opposed government domestic spying and overseas wars and interventions have now apparently become cheerleaders for an authoritarian national security state where Big Pharma, the NIH, and Pentagon work hand-in-hand with Democrats and progressives.

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