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Is the U.S. Response to COVID-19 a Military-Style PSYOP?

Are U.S. and global elites, aided and abetted by the military fomenting panic and manipulating public opinion and behavior through what the military calls PSYOP, a psychological operation?  The Defender writes: “Those who have questioned the intentions behind government policy in response to the pandemic continue to observe the unreasonable intensity of supporters of mandated protocols. Declaring vehement loyalty to vaccine therapy, their minds are closed to any further input… Vaccination proponents don’t want to see or hear anything contradicting their very confident, though most questionable position: that a benevolent government, supported by a monolithic, knowledgeable, scientific community, is successfully dealing with the crisis… Many people have been persuaded that anyone who has doubts about the infallible words and irrefutable facts presented by somber leaders and an impartial press corps are infecting others with dangerous information. Failures of the pandemic response are increasingly laid at the feet of the unvaccinated. However, the furious indignation is often irrational, inordinate and out of character, suggesting it is driven by a set of external stimuli designed to create the response.”

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