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Gates Calls for Censorship of His Critics

For years OCA and our allies have exposed the megalomania, “philantrocapitalism,” and destructive actions of billionaire Microsoft mogul Bill Gates.

We and others have justifiably criticized Gates and his powerful cabal for their reckless promotion of genetically engineered seeds and crops and chemical-intensive industrial agriculture.  More recently we have called attention to Gates, Fauci, and others’ support and funding for controversial genetic engineering and lab manipulation of dangerous viruses and bacteria, such as those “gain-of-function” experiments, carried out jointly by US and Chinese scientists at the secretive and accident-prone Wuhan Institute of Virology and the US Biodefense/Biowarfare lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

Now Gates is investing in a growing arsenal of experimental and genetically engineered vaccines and calling for mandatory vaccinations, digital tattoos, and vaccine passports, even as it becomes obvious that these “Warp Speed” vaccines have not been properly tested for efficacy or safety.

Gates is also, along with the World Economic Forum and the global elite, pushing for a supposed radical overhaul of business and government as usual, what he and his cronies call the Great Reset. It should come as no surprise that Gates now rivals his friends at Monsanto for being one of the most hated oligarchs in the world. In response Gates is lobbying Big Tech to help him slander and censor his critics. OCA, as you can imagine, takes this attack by Gates rather personally.

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