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Gates to a Global Empire

According to a report by Vandana Shiva’s Navdanya Institute:

“Bill Gates, as one of the two wealthiest people on the planet with a net worth of nearly 117 billion dollars, has now become the most powerful philanthropist in modern history… But before his full PR makeover and after multiple antitrust lawsuits, Gates held the reputation of a ruthless tech giant, out to strong arm collaborators, wholly squash competitors, and clear the way from the monopolistic Microsoft empire… chained to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s million-dollar grants are private corporations and private market interests, the negative feedback loops of a technological solutionism, and the further rotting of legitimacy for international institutions…

Thanks to the Coronavirus crisis, the rot that existed in our current world structures came further into evidence… Compounded with an already ongoing climate and ecological crisis, and inequalities, we found ourselves at the boiling point of multiple pre-existing world problems. This makes it extremely tempting to look for immediate solutions to these crises frantically, and blindly. But this technological solutionist mentality that technology will be able to single handedly solve complex social problems to create a utopian future, relies on a heavy denial and forgetting of how technology has created and shaped these problems to begin with…”

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