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Left and Right Hypocrisy on Abortion Rights, Vaccine Passports, and Bodily Autonomy

As we at OCA, and now an increasing number of others, have pointed out, Democratic politicians, and those fearful, self-righteous, but scientifically illiterate, Americans supporting mandatory injections of experimental, gene-altering “vaccines,” on the one hand, while claiming to support “choice” and “bodily autonomy” for women, are total hypocrites. On the other hand, the majority of Republicans who claim to support vaccine choice but not women’s choice are total hypocrites as well, forfeiting their credibility as champions of individual liberty and bodily autonomy.

Without ecumenical, non-partisan conversation, honest debate, mutual understanding, flexibility, and consensus on basic constitutional liberties, pro-choice liberals and anti-choice conservatives will continue to alienate millions of independent-minded Americans, marginalizing themselves, allowing global elites, political opportunists like Biden or Trump, Big Pharma, and billionaires to set the agenda, keeping us fighting among ourselves, undermining our health, destroying our livelihoods, and controlling our lives. Of course no one truly wants abortion, but no one wants to live in a Big Brother totalitarian system either, except for those in the grip of mass psychosis, or would-be totalitarians.

Compounding this hypocrisy, supposedly pro-peace, pro-life Democrats and Republicans, for the most part, have allowed themselves to be brainwashed by the mass media, ignoring the evidence (for example that the US, the Deep State, and NATO have provoked Russia and China into their belligerent behavior), saluting the flag, demonizing the Russians and Chinese, and cheerleading for more war. In addition, these pro-peace, pro-life hypocrites have supported or ignored the reckless US and global practice of weaponizing pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2 (disguised as medical or biodefense research), and have gone along with ever-increasing military spending, ignoring the cries and needs of the poor. No wonder, even a year ago, 62% of Americans told the Gallup Poll that we need a new political party, independent from the Democrats and the Republicans.

Jim Kavanagh writes in The Polemicist:

“Failing to have a consistent position based on bodily autonomy in regard to the forced intrusions of vaccine mandates/passports and abortion criminalization is a mistake of grave consequence, politically and epistemologically. Those who don’t recognize that mistake are undermining their political position in support of abortion rights, fooling themselves, and confusing and harming the movement… Leftist vaccine mandate supporters have been, like all of us, imbued for decades with the Pharma-sponsored ideology of vaccine exceptionalism, which disappears bodily autonomy. It’s an ideology that has trained us, upon hearing the magic word ‘vaccine,’ to immediately and blithely assume there need not be, and it’s stupid to think there should be, any thought about possible serious harms to the person’s body or to public health. Pharma’s goal with that ideology is for every virus to be considered an apocalyptic danger to which a vaccine is the harmless-magic-bullet solution. What bodily autonomy?... leftists who want to highlight the hypocrisy of abortion-rights opponents who are only concerned with preserving ‘life’ during pregnancy, while being indifferent to its fate thereafter, might want to think again about requiring people to take experimental gene therapies never before mass-administered to human beings, while not demanding compensation for harmful effects of the drugs they were forced to take.”

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