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As COVID Crumbles, Prepping for the Next Pandemic

Kit Knightly writes in the Off-Guardian:

“It seems every week some new “expert” who spent the last two years predicting we’re all gonna die turns up on the news claiming we should “treat Covid like the flu”.

“But just because they’re giving slack on Covid does not mean the agenda behind Covid is gone. Far from it.

“In fact, even as they seek to dump this pandemic in a shallow grave, they are already prepping the public for the next health scare – AIDs.

“In December Joe Biden claimed it was the aim of his administration to “end the HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2030”. A similar campaign, launched in the UK at the same, uses the same exact phrase, word for word

“Even while the problem and reaction are still barely out of the research and development stage, they’re already talking about the solution.

“Guess what it is?

“If you said “another mRNA vaccine”, well done for paying attention.”

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