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Time to Transition to Organic and Regenerative Farming

Allison Johnson writes:

“We know farming organically and regeneratively—that is, with careful attention to soil health and ecosystems above and below ground, and without reliance on fossil fuel-based pesticides and fertilizers—is a key piece in the climate puzzle, as well as a recipe for long-term resilience in our food supply.

“And the U.S. is full of producers who can and want to advance this transition, including:

• Indigenous, Black, and other farmers and ranchers of color who have fine-tuned regenerative practices for centuries;

• A new generation of innovative young and beginning producers ready to steward the land;

• Underappreciated farmworkers and farming communities with the expertise and ambition necessary to build a better food system;

• Producers who realize industrial agricultural practices no longer work because they are harmful to the soil and to people and communities; and

• Many more producers who care deeply about farming and their communities, and with the necessary information, mentorship, risk management tools, and social support could successfully farm in healthier and climate-friendly ways.

“So what’s holding us back?

“Simply put, the U.S. hasn’t made the long-term health of our food and farming system—and the people and resources who make it work—a priority. But it’s not too late.”

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