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COVID 2022: Murder Most Foul

This is a revised and updated article, first published on April 28, 2021.

Two and a half years ago (April 29, 2020), I wrote what was then considered by many a controversial article called “Murder Most Foul: The Perps Behind COVID-19.” The title of my article was inspired by Bob Dylan’s song “Murder Most Foul,” which was released, just as the COVID Pandemia was emerging, in February 2020.

Dylan’s powerful, haunting ballad revisits the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, in effect a coup d’état carried out by his enemies. Kennedy’s assassination in plain sight and the ensuing cover-up by the Warren Commission was engineered by a ruthless cabal of the Deep State including the CIA, Edgar Hoover’s FBI, the military, military-industrial contractors, Texas oilmen, Vice-President Lyndon Johnson, the mafia, Cuban exiles, and an indentured mass media. This “Murder Most Foul,” the Great Reset of the 1960s, was welcomed, aided, and abetted by strategic elements of the corporate elite, including war hawks in the conservative wings of the Republican and Democratic parties.

Unfortunately, 59 years after the JFK assassination, three years after the advent of COVID-19, we are being forced to defend ourselves on all fronts against another coup d’état, a Great Reset of our health, food, economy, and politics. This power grab is spearheaded in the U.S. by Lockdown Liberals, RINO (Republicans in Name Only) Conservatives, Big Tech billionaires, Big Media, the military-industrial/bioweapons complex, Bill Gates, Gene-Lab Food profiteers, and Big Pharma.

This contemporary Great Reset, though temporarily derailed by public opposition, disastrous COVID government policies, and the evermore obvious failures and collateral damages of the experimental rushed to market vaccines, still poses a major threat. We are still in the “Eye of the Storm” trying to regenerate a polarized, misinformed, and panicked body politic, fighting a politico/medical national security state that has successfully carried out a dress rehearsal for bio-fascism, including a redefinition of key scientific and medical terms and principles (vaccines, natural immunity, pandemic, cases), arbitrary states of Emergency, suspensions of civil liberties, economic lockdowns, school closings, censorship, restrictions on travel, mask mandates, vaccine passports, and a new belligerent foreign policy amounting to nuclear roulette with Russia and China.

The powerful technocrats, politicians, globalists, military contractors, and medical czars who nearly pulled off a coup d’état during the COVID-19 epidemic are apparently determined to push forward. The national and international medical security state continues hiding and manipulating data, trying to blame everyone but themselves for an alarming increase in overall (non-COVID) deaths, vaccine injuries, and serious illnesses; hyping new significantly weaker variants of COVID-19 as if we are somehow in mortal danger; magnifying risks of monkeypox; fear-mongering around the supposed reemergence of polio; controlling information; and de-platforming and slandering truth-tellers on COVID and the war in Ukraine.

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