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Jeffrey Sachs Criticizes US Militarism and the COVID Official Story Only Because He's Establishing a New Brand

Dr. Meryl Nass, bioweapons, COVID, and health expert warns us that the tactic of the “limited hangout,” whereby prominent Establishment or government officials finally admit the (partial) truth about issues such as the obvious lab engineering and release (whether accidental or deliberate) of SARS-CoV-2, the ineffectiveness and dangers of genetically engineered, rushed-to-market drugs and “vaccines,” and the need for a negotiated peace in Ukraine, can be a trap to lull us into submission, accepting the continuation of “business and politics as usual.”

Nass writes:

“I agree with my friends who are swooning after seeing this snake oil salesman (Jeffrey Sachs) on Democracy Now! It is extraordinary to hear someone telling the truth about US imperialism to millions of viewers.

The guy is [a] smoothie. He speaks slowly and clearly with simple words and a most avuncular manner. He plays to the Democracy Now! crowd, with one softball after another lobbed at US foreign policy, militarism, neocons, nuclear war. Don’t forget that Amy Goodman [host of Democracy Now] also interviewed [Wuhan lab funder] Peter Daszak in early 2020, inviting him to spin tales about ‘naturally occurring’ pandemics for her audience. Who picks her guests? …

So I should not need to tell you he [Jeffrey Sachs] is a limited hangout. He is a proven chameleon. He is selling you something. But not quite yet. He was handpicked for this gig, just like Tedros [head of World Health Organization] was handpicked. Right now, he is establishing the new brand. He is rebranding as the economics superstar who has suddenly stepped forward to tell the gory truth. He even said the US likely bombed Nordstream, for crying out loud.

He’s gonna be the guy who speaks truth to power, and gets shut down by MSM [Mainstream Media] hosts when he steps over the line. The guy who told the truth about Fauci and Daszak, and the US contribution to developing COVID, even though it took him an awfully long time to see the light.

Why does the world’s most famous economist, full Harvard professor at age 28, talk to you in baby talk? His ‘aw shucks’ manner is an act. He doesn’t talk that way at Harvard. Beware of the forked tongue. Watch what he is getting ready to sell you. It’s the UN and WHO, the meaningless One Health (the Daszak scam that Sachs still promotes) to manage pandemics. One World Government…”

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