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Nutrition: Why We Can’t Trust the Government

OCA’s ally, The Alliance for Natural Health, writes:

“One of the most powerful groups that influences Americans’ eating decisions is dominated by junk food companies.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) and its foundation ‘assist the food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and agribusiness industries through their large network of professionals and students, their lax internal policies on corporate partnerships and their topical position papers.’ These are the scathing conclusions of a new investigative report into the AND’s operations. It tells a crony story that many of us know all too well: the ‘experts’ who wield considerable power and influence over national food policies are beholden to the junk food companies driving the chronic disease epidemic. It is another reason why we should not listen to the food advice dispensed by the AND and the federal government.

The AND is a trade association for registered dietitians. The AND’s stated mission is “to accelerate improvements in global health and well-being through food and nutrition.” They accredit dietetics curricula and act as an authority in US food policy—when the government develops its nutrition recommendations, like the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the AND is heavily involved. The AND also provides “expert” testimony when state and federal lawmakers set policies on food and nutrition issues. This places the AND in a powerful position to shape how Americans eat and think about food and nutrition.”

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