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Roadmap to Regeneration

While the global elite (Bill Gates, Silicon Valley, the World Economic Forum, et al.) and the new corporate-indentured Biden Administration are calling for a permanent pandemic-induced “Great Reset” that unfortunately seems to take the technocratic surveillance state and economic ruthlessness of the Chinese Communist Party as its example, we at OCA have something else in mind. We don’t need to emulate the lockdown-on-demand and digital dictatorship in China in order to get ahead.

What we need instead is participatory democracy, constitutional freedom, human rights, and Regeneration. We need a grassroots-powered, equitable Organic and Regenerative revolution that can solve our public health, food, farming and climate crisis.

In case you haven’t read my book, Grassroots Rising (Chelsea Green Publishers 2020), here is Chapter Nine, which is called “Roadmap to Regeneration in the United States 2020-2030.”

READ: Roadmap to Regeneration in the United States, 2020—2030

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