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Monsanto's Minions Attack

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It's hard to argue with consumers' right to know what's in our food. That's why nine out of ten people support labels for genetically engineered food.

But, money talks, and companies like Monsanto that have gotten rich by intimidating farmers and hiding GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) in our food are already on the attack in California. Monsanto's Minions, including the Biotechnology Industry Organization, the Farm Bureau, and the Grocery Manufacturers Association, have begun a smear campaign to derail a surging grassroots movement in California to label genetically engineered food and ban the marketing of GE-tainted food as "natural." The California Right to Know 2012 Ballot Initiative, led by OCA, Food Democracy Now,, Organic Consumers Fund, and others, is a massive campaign to get mandatory labeling on the November 2012 ballot.

Monsanto Minions found a mouthpiece in Dan Morain at the Sacramento Bee newspaper, who published an attack February 19 on the CA Right to Know/Label GMOs coalition. Morain's article has backfired, however, with a flood of irate consumers attacking his biased propaganda and only a few comments in support.

OCA has written a rebuttal that takes apart Morain's hatchet job point-by-point, and we need your help to set the record straight.

Please read our rebuttal, then go to Morain's column, scroll down and add your comments.

UPDATE: Apparently too many critical comments inspired the Sacramento Bee to remove the comments feature from the article in question. Please contact them and let them know your opinion on this issue.