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Bee Proud!

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people who attended protests and bee die-ins at Lowe’s garden centers, or signed petitions asking Lowe’s to save the bees by ending the sale of neonicotinoid pesticides and plants pre-treated with neonics, congratulations!

Last week (April 9, 2015), Lowe’s announced it would begin phasing out neonics and working with growers to source alternatives. In Lowe’s own words

Lowe's is committed to regularly reviewing the products and information it offers customers. Following studies that say many factors, including neonicotinoid pesticides, could potentially damage the health of pollinators, Lowe's has committed to take several steps to support pollinator health. Lowe's will phase out the sale of products that contain neonic pesticides within 48 months as suitable alternatives become commercially available. Lowe's will include greater organic and non-neonic product selections, work with growers to eliminate the use of neonic pesticides on bee-attractive plants it sells and educate customers and employees through in-store and online resources.

You also asked Home Depot to stop selling bee-killing plants. So far, Home Depot has only agreed to label plants pre-treated with neonics, and the labels aren’t exactly eye-catching. 

But the Lowe’s announcement proves that you, the consumer, have the power to get the attention of even a national corporate chain like Lowe’s, and better yet, to influence its executives and move them in a better direction. Thank you for your work on this campaign!

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