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Nice Try, Monsanto

On Tuesday (April 14, 2015), Maine’s Senate referred, to the state’s agriculture committee, a bill that would require mandatory labeling of foods containing GMOs sold in Maine.

Finally. We say that because the bill should have, and would have, been referred weeks earlier, if not for Monsanto lobbyists doing their best to hold it up.

OCA is leading the effort to pass LD 991, An Act To Amend Maine's Genetically Modified Food Products Labeling Law. In 2013, Maine passed a GMO labeling law, but the law can’t be enacted unless five New England states, including New Hampshire, also pass a law.

Maine consumers don’t want to wait. Neither does the national GMO labeling movement, which knows how critical it is to press forward with state GMO labeling laws in order to show Congress (and Monsanto) that this issue is not going away until all of us have the right to know if our food has been genetically modified.

Monsanto will do its best to kill Maine’s LD 991. Because with the bipartisan support already lined up for the bill, and a new poll showing that 97 percent of Maine voters want the right to know, the bill poses a credible threat to Monsanto and Big Food.

We will have to out-maneuver Monsanto every step of the way. With your support, we will. Just as we’ll continue to help other New England states join Vermont in passing bullet-proof, trigger-free mandatory GMO labeling laws. It’s time!

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