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Web-Fed Hysteria?

“The court’s opinion in denying our request to block the Vermont law opens the door to states creating mandatory labeling requirements based on pseudo-science and web-fed hysteria. If this law is allowed to go into effect, it will disrupt food supply chains, confuse consumers, and lead to higher food costs.” – Pamela Bailey, president, Grocery Manufacturers Association

Well, there you go. You—all of us—are just a bunch of hysterical know-nothings who need the courts to keep labels off our GMO foods, for our own good. Because we might not buy foods made with ingredients created in a lab, drenched in carcinogenic chemicals, and allowed into the market without adequate, long-term safety testing—if we knew what we were buying.

We’re just a bunch of luddites, foolish enough to believe the best cancer researchers at the World Health Organization when they say that Monsanto’s Roundup probably causes cancer. We react irrationally when we learn that a type of toxin contained in a variety of GMO corn, engineered to produce its own pesticide, is showing up in pregnant women and their fetuses.

It’s just a lot of silly pseudo-science, after all. And it’s making us hysterical.

Blame it on the Internet.

Statements like the one (above) by the president of the multi-billion dollar lobbying group which represents the likes of Monsanto and Dow, Coca-Cola and General Mills, may sound ridiculous to you. 

But the media gobbles them up.

It’s our job to raise the volume of voices like yours—until the media listens, and the truth comes out. Your donation today will help. Thank you.

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