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Inquiring Minds

Does Hillary Clinton’s support for Monsanto and the biotech industry mean she opposes labeling? Or will she come out as pro-biotech but also pro-consumers’ right to know?

On July 3, Gary Hirshberg, chairman of the board of, former CEO of Stonyfield Farms and a public supporter of GMO labeling, hosted a $2700-per-person fundraiser for Hillary at his home in New Hampshire.  According to the Boston Globe, Hirshberg said the fundraiser didn’t necessarily mean he was supporting Hillary for president.

We were curious as to why someone so outspoken in the GMO labeling movement would host a fundraiser for a candidate so obviously pro-GMO, much less for a candidate he wouldn’t, at least yet, publicly support. So we reached out to Hirshberg through Scott Faber, executive director of Faber responded that he had passed our email inquiry on to Hirshberg.  

We haven’t yet heard back from Hirshberg. Did he force Hillary to disclose her position on labeling? Before, during or after the fundraiser? Will she take a stand on this issue before the primaries?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Meanwhile, let’s continue to post on Hillary’s facebook page and sign the petition asking her to clarify her position on labeling, until we get an answer.

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