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No Small Matter

We protect our kids from so many things. Moving traffic. Angry dogs. Strangers.

But there are still a lot of parents out there who don’t realize that their kids need protection from this silent threat: toxins in their food.

The Cornucopia Institute wants to change that. And make it easy for parents to understand why, and how, to protect their kids from toxic chemicals. The Institute's new report, “Protecting Children’s Health: Choosing Organic Food to Avoid GMOs and Agricultural Chemicals," cites scientific data from numerous peer-reviewed, published studies, all pointing to the importance of protecting children from pesticide exposure.

How best to protect kids? By feeding them organic foods. 

In talking about the report, Dr. Victoria Maizes, executive director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, said:

"Children are uniquely sensitive to environmental chemicals, including pesticides, for several reasons. Their neurological system is still developing. Their immune system is not fully developed, limiting its ability to protect itself. Their detoxification systems have not fully matured, so they are less able to metabolize and excrete chemicals.”

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