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Still in the DARK

A few weeks ago, Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) proclaimed that “something” had to be done, before the end of this year, to prevent a “patchwork of stateG MO labeling laws." Since then, she’s been mum on what exactly that “something” is.
We’d long been urging Stabenow and other Democratic Senators to refuse to co-sponsor a Senate version of the House’s DARK Act (everything you need know here), which would preempt states and the federal government from requiring labels on foods containing GMOs.
But last month, after a one-sided Senate hearing on GMOs and the wisdom of labeling them, Stabenow stepped up to say she was working on a Senate bill with Senate Republicans, including Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.).

What she didn’t say, was what that bill would look like. Mandatory? Voluntary? QR codes instead of on-package labels?
Speculation abounds. Meanwhile, we need to be clear: Consumers don't want a compromise bill. We want mandatory labeling of all foods that contain GMO ingredients. Nothing less.
TAKE ACTION: Demand mandatory labeling of GMOs—not voluntary labels or QR codes!

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OCA and Citizens for GMO Labeling will host a briefing on the DARK Act on Tuesday, November 17. Please call your Senators and ask for the agriculture or health staffer, or whoever covers the issue of labeling genetically engineered food, and invite the staffer to attend a lunchtime briefing on states' rights to label GMOs. The organic, non-GMO lunch and briefing will be held at noon in room 562 of the Dirksen building. Speakers will include state legislators who have passed GMO labeling laws.

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