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Good News from Paris

If you’re following the climate talks in Paris this week, you probably haven’t heard much about France’s “4 parts for 1000 Initiative.” That’s because the Big Wigs (Bill Gates et al) and the Big Politicians, in their allegiance to the Big Corporations, are fixated on too-small reductions in carbon emissions and on how to profit from fancy new renewable energy technologies.

In our opinion, France’s “4 parts for 1000 Initiative” is the most exciting news to come out of Paris. Which is why OCA has signed on to the Initiative, along with other countries and international NGOs from around the world.

France’s “4 parts for 1000 Initiative” connects the dots between soil, food and climate. Here’s the theory behind the Initiative. The world’s soils contain two to three times more carbon than the atmosphere. By increasing the amount of carbon stored in the soil by just 4 parts for 1000 in the top 30 or 40cm of the soil, we bring the increase in atmospheric CO2 to a dead stop.

How do we put more carbon in the soil? We stop turning forests into palm oil and GMO soy plantations. And we start increasing organic regenerative farming practices that build soil organic matter and increase the soil’s capacity to draw down excess carbon from the atmosphere. (This is not to be confused with Monsanto’s new “carbon-neutral” agriculture which might reduce CO2 emissions, but will never, ever rebuild organic matter and draw down carbon from the atmosphere).

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