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Collateral Damage

There are so many reasons to transform our existing food and farming system. But none more compelling than the fact that our current system is poisoning our children.

A recent study involving pregnant mothers and young children found an 8-percent decrease in lung function for every 10-fold increase in concentration of organophosphate pesticide exposure.

In other words, kids living in areas where these pesticides are used may as well be hanging around smokers, inhaling their second-hand smoke.

According to Time magazine, the children in the study were likely exposed to a greater quantity of the pesticide than the average American child because of their proximity to abundant farming. Does that mean children living farther away from farming communities are risk-free?

Not necessarily, according to one of the study’s authors, Brenda Eskenazi, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley.

“Remember these kids aren’t farmworkers. We know that this population is somewhat more exposed than the general U.S. population, but what we’re seeing from children in these areas may also have implications for residue in food.” 

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