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No Brainer

The most compelling, most hopeful climate strategy to come out of the COP21 Paris Climate Conference was something called France’s 4/1000 Initiative: Soils for Food Security and Climate

The 4/1000 Initiative puts regenerative food and farming front and center in the climate solutions conversation. It’s the most direct, most practical, and the only shovel-ready plan for reversing climate change. 

The United Nations, more than two dozen developed and developing countries, and more than 50 international organizations, private foundations, international funds, NGOs, consumer, and farmers' organizations, have signed the French Initiative and committed to implementing appropriate soil management practices, and to recognizing the importance of soil health for the transition towards productive, highly resilient agriculture. 

But so far, the U.S. government is MIA from the list of official 4/1000 partners. What are we waiting for?

TAKE ACTION: President Obama: Sign on to France’s 4 per 1000 Regenerative Ag Climate Solution! Or text "Obama" to 97779 to sign the petition.

Click here to Tweet President Obama using hashtags #‎RegenerativeAg‬ ‪#‎Paris2015‬ #COP21 #4p1000‬‬‬‬

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