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Still Deadly

We’re no fans of Monsanto, but you’ve got to admire the Biotech Giant’s tenacity.

No sooner did the role of agriculture in climate change make news at the COP21 Paris Climate Conference, than Monsanto came out with its Big Plan to save the climate.

Monsanto is going “carbon-neutral.”

What exactly does that mean? The company issued a lengthy press release peppered with industry jargon, including our favorite euphemism for pesticides: “crop protection products.” As part of its plan, Monsanto said it will allow “corn and soybeans to be grown such that soil absorbs and holds greenhouse gases equal to or greater than the total amount emitted from growing those crops – reinforcing agriculture’s unique role in climate change mitigation.”

Of course what Monsanto didn’t say, is that those corn and soybean plants will continue to be saturated in poisons and grown in nutrient-devoid, chemically enhanced soil. Monsanto also neglected to mention that pesticides and chemical fertilizers destroy the soil’s ability to naturally sequester carbon. So much for the notion of “carbon smart agriculture."
Monsanto’s new plant to fix the climate may be slightly less damaging than the climate- and soil-destroying practices of “business as usual,”—but it’s still deadly to consumers, farmworkers, animals, the soil and climate stability.

It will be up to all of us to expose yet another of the Biotech Giant’s nefarious plans to save the world.

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