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We can’t say it enough. After 20 years of unrealistic solutions, empty promises and missed opportunities, a global climate summit (COP21) has finally produced a bright ray of genuine hope.

Everyone knows we won’t get to zero emissions in time to avert a climate disaster. There simply isn’t enough time or political will to make it happen.

What everyone doesn’t yet know is that we can draw down billions of tons of carbon from the atmosphere, and in conjunction with meaningful reductions in emissions, we can absolutely do it fast enough to keep from going over the cliff.

Now we just have to do it.

We filmed these two videos in Paris, so we could share the good news with you. Please watch, and then share with anyone you know who is looking for answers, and for ways to be part of the climate solution.

Ronnie Cummins: A Message of Hope from Paris COP21 

Interview with Stéphane Le Foll and Andre Leu

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