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No Compromise

Compromise makes sense when two parties are working toward shared goals. Otherwise, it doesn’t.
In the case of Monsanto and Big Food vs. consumers who want GMOs labeled—clearly, for everyone, not just those people who have smart phones—we have no shared goals.
The Grocery Manufacturers Association, which represents Monsanto and the worst of corporate food, has set a very clear goal: Keep as much information about GMOs as possible away from consumers.
Consumers have an opposing goal: Tell us what’s in our food.
Citizens in more than 60 other countries have the right to labels on GMO food and ingredients. Campbell’s Soup Co. has shown that it is possible—easy, even—to provide those same labels for U.S. consumers.
This is not a time to settle for compromises. Not when those proposed compromises involve delaying (and effectively killing) a law we fought dearly for, won, and was declared constitutional by the courts.
Not when the only thing keeping us from achieving our goal is corporate greed and corrupt politics.
With your continued support, we will fight for our right to know if our food is contaminated with GMOs and the poisons they are grown with.

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