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Hey Kids!

Know any kids who share a passion for both filmmaking and healthy, non-GMO food? 

Our anti-GMO campaigning friends in the U.K., Beyond GM, launched a cool project this week: Our Food Our Future. In a nutshell, the project is about starting an international conversation between kids, by asking them to make their own videos. From the website

We want to get kids talking about food, about what they like, what they don’t like, what goes into the food they eat, how their families feel about things like GMOs, and how food can be a force for good and a healthy future or it can be something that fails to help us thrive.

Beyond GM especially wants to get kids in the U.S., who’ve grown up in a GMO-contaminated environment, eating GMO-contaminated foods, talking to kids in the U.K., where politicians (aided and abetted by Monsanto and U.S. politicians) are pushing to allow GMO crops to be grown for the first time. The project is an extension of Beyond GM’s “Living with GMOs: A Letter from America” project.

Beyond GM is inviting kids in America to make their own videos, and upload them to 

Watch the “Our Future, Our Food” launch video 

Watch Daniel talk about GMOs 

Check out the “Kids Speaking Out” YouTube Channel for more inspiration 

Read the Beyond GM press release

Everything you need to know 

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