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Open for Business

We’re feeling a little like a parent whose kids, once playing loudly in the next room, suddenly go radio silent. Leading us to wonder what they’re up to—and to fear that whatever it is, it’s not good.

Congress opened for business again this week, following a two-week Easter break. So far, there’s nothing new to report yet about Sen. Pat Roberts and his Monsanto-funded DARK Act

But when Congress is open for business, it usually means just that—they’re open for business. And in the case of the DARK Act, that means they’re furiously working behind the scenes for Monsanto and the Junk Food Giants, plotting the next devious strategy for preempting Vermont’s GMO labeling law.

The latest rumor floating around? That Roberts and his merry band of labeling law preemptors may try to slip their DARK Act into the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act, a bill (also sponsored by Roberts) fraught with its own controversy. After all, what better excuse for lawmakers than “hey, what did you want us to do? Let kids starve? We had no choice.”

We will remain skeptical, vigilant and active. Until we can state, with absolute certainty, that it’s over.

In the meantime, there’s one thing we know for certain: We (still) reject any federal GMO labeling bill unless it meets or exceeds the standards set by Vermont, and does not preempt, or delay implementation of Vermont’s bill. 

TAKE ACTION: Tell your Senators: No compromise! Protect Vermont’s GMO labeling law. 

Dial 888-897-0174 to tell your Senators to vote against any compromise that would block or delay Vermont's bill from taking effect.

Help us protect Vermont’s GMO labeling law 

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