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Under the Influence

The next time you think about relaxing with a glass of wine, you may want to pay close attention to where that wine came from.
Moms Across America teamed up with Microbe Inotech Labs in St. Louis, Mo., to test 10 California wines for glyphosate. All 10, from California’s prime growing regions—Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino Counties—tested positive.
“Critics” (Monsanto) questioned the validity of the testing. Then went on to say, hey, even if the wines did test positive, you’d have to drink “8,000 regular size bottles a day” in order to “meet the allowable daily intake” for Monsanto’s glyphosate.
First, let’s be clear. Those “allowable daily intakes” set by U.S. agencies under the influence of Monsanto lobbyists are not only the highest “allowable” limits of any country in the world, they’re also bogus. As one of the scientists in this video says, the science shows that glyphosate, even incredibly low levels, contributes to numerous serious illnesses, including cancer.
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