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More Rotten Eggs

As we reveal this week, the store-brand “organic” eggs you’ve been buying likely come from a factory farm-type egg producer that isn’t playing by USDA National Organic Program (NOP) rules.

But the purveyors of store-brand “organic” eggs aren’t the only ones duping consumers.

Last week, along with the Animal Legal Defense Fund and the Richman Law Group, OCA sued egg retailer Handsome Brook Farm for selling eggs labeled as “pasture raised” when in fact, many of those eggs come from chickens that have never spent a day outside, much less foraging on a green pasture.

Handsome Brook Farm claims all its eggs come from family farms in its distribution network. We don’t think so. In fact, the company buys some of its eggs on the open market, from sources that do not supply any American Humane Certified or “pasture raised” eggs.

Handsome Brook Farm has been reaping a windfall on these falsely labeled eggs, to the detriment of consumers and competitors. 

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