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Truth and Consequences

In the evidence from the Monsanto Tribunal, the truth is there for the world to see. The US EPA, the European Food Safety Authority, the European Commission, the UK Chemicals Regulation Directorate and the Republic of Ireland have been conspiring with Monsanto against civil society to destroy the environment with chemicals and poison their food. These countries have sustained over the years the largest loss of biodiversity, i.e. ecocide. – “Open Letter to the US Environmental Protection Agency about glyphosate and the International Monsanto Tribunal,” by Dr. Rosemary Mason

To the list of countries Dr. Rosemary Mason calls out in her “Open Letter to the US Environmental Protection Agency about glyphosate and the International Monsanto Tribunal,” we could add many—including Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay and a host of others.

As Mason says in her letter, the truth is there for the world to see. And so are the consequences.

Government agencies’ collusion with Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer, Dow and others is rampant. But you already know that. The question is, how do we change it? How do we force the agencies we support, with our tax dollars, to protect us—instead of corporate profits?

The answer is, relentlessly. Using every tool in our under-funded-but-shiny toolbox. We keep the pressure on government agencies. We craft and push policies that support regenerative, not degenerative, agricultural practices. We seek out, and support, candidates who will advance those policies.

And we use our consumer power. Because, ultimately, food companies will produce what consumers want.

Case in point? Food giant Nestlé just announced that the company will start producing more non-GMO products, according to the headline, “due to the growing demand from consumers, in a shock to the Biotech Industry in the U.S.” We suspect Nestlé will still fall far short of providing consumers with what they really want—products derived from a genuinely regenerative food supply chain.

But it’s a positive sign that the #ConsumerRevolution is making headway.

With your help, we’ll keep pushing—on all fronts. Until government agencies hear us, politicians support us, and food companies start producing the products consumers want, and the world needs.

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