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Not So Smart

Get out your bullshit detectors. 

The term “Climate-Smart Agriculture” has a nice ring to it—until you learn that corporate agribusiness, including companies like Monsanto and Syngenta, claim to be “Climate-Smart.”

During a panel on what’s commonly referred to as “CSA,” OCA’s Ronnie Cummins said:

“World governments spend $486 billion a year to subsidize an industrial food and farming model that the United Nations estimates, contributes 43-57 percent of total man-made greenhouse gas emissions. It’s time to stop subsidizing agricultural practices that contribute to global warming, and start subsidizing food, farming and land-use practices that restore the soil’s capacity to draw down and re-sequester excess carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the soil.”

Speaking to a panel hosted by the Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum in conjunction with the COP22 Climate Summit, Ronnie told participants to beware of this popular term, that has now come to be associated with corporate greenwashing.  

“Scientists tell us that even if we achieve zero emissions tomorrow, the planet would continue to heat up for another thousand years. Our best hope to avert a climate disaster, restore public health and revitalize rural economies must include a plan that not only achieves zero emissions, but also draws down the billions of tons of excess carbon already in the atmosphere. That plan exists. It’s called regenerative agriculture, or agroecology.”

Regeneration International has organized and/or is participating in numerous events at the COP22 Climate Summit in Marrakech, with a focus on regenerative agriculture and land-use as a critical strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and draw down excess carbon from the atmosphere.

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