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Glimmers of Hope

Little recognized, much less publicized in the 2016 election post-mortem discussion is this piece of good news: Grassroots power, including consumer power, trumped the agendas of corporations and the One Percent in a surprising number of ballot initiatives and election contests.

That’s great news. Because given what happened in the presidential and congressional races, our best hope for protecting our communities clearly lies in our ability to mobilize and organize at the local level.

Here’s a rundown of 2016 election news we can celebrate while we try to regain our focus.

Sonoma County, Calif. passes GMO crop ban, creating the largest GMO-free zone in the U.S.

Four cities stick it to the junk beverage industry by voting to tax Big Soda products 

Four more states vote to legalize marijuana sales and cultivation

Four states vote to raise minimum wage 

Oil-Producing but organic powerhouse Monterey County, Calif. votes to ban fracking

And in other Good News:

The TPP trade deal is dead

Bernie’s “Our Revolution” is moving forward

More governments acknowledge that organic agriculture can address climate change and feed the world

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