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It's Time

We can follow the example of those who remembered that the role of an activist is not to navigate systems of oppressive power with as much integrity as possible, but rather to confront and take down those systems. – Derrick Jensen, activist and author

As we head into 2017, all signs point to the majority of our elected federal policymakers chomping at the bit to give corporations free rein over everything from approving more pesticides, to giving corporations a blank check to poison and pollute, to pretty much blessing all manner of corporate corruption. 

If we sound angry about that, you’re right. We are angry. And motivated. Really really motivated. 

With each new announcement or prediction about who Trump will entrust with the future of this planet, our determination to fight back—in the marketplace, in our own small communities and right on up into the halls of Congress—intensifies.

We are facing a mountain of issues that will demand immediate attention and decisive action. We will need you. We will need your financial support. And we will increasingly be calling on you to not just fight this battle from behind your computer screens—necessary, but on its own, not enough—but to come out, in person, to help us unite the many single-issue movements around our common goals. This, we believe, is our only hope to address the many, and dire, challenges that lie ahead.

Please consider a donation today to help mobilize millions. And please watch your inbox for future invitations to get out, get connected, and get active. It's time to take down the systems that are trampling our rights to clean food, air, water and a stable climate. Thank you!

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