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From Biomedicine to Beets

Yosef Camire used to be a biomedical engineer. Today he’s pulling beets, harvesting spinach and making compost on his family’s regenerative vegetable farm in Peyton, Colo.—a farm that produces 40,000 pounds of produce every year.

How did that happen?

In 2014, Camire and his family founded Ahava Farm because they wanted to have an impact on climate change, land restoration and food security. In an interview with our Regeneration International team, Camire said he’s now growing 75-plus varieties of heirloom-only produce. He’s also raising about 225 chickens and 30 ducks, for eggs, and maintains a few top-bar beehives for pollination and honey. Fourteen alpacas provide biodiversity and manure and a little wool. 

Read RI's interview with the founder of Ahava Farm

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