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Tiny and Wise

Legend has it that Green Man, a tiny and wise Guatemalan folk character, spun stories aimed at teaching people to respect the natural world.

Borrowing from that legend, Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin has written a book about his quest in revolution-torn Guatemala to build his vision for a regenerative farming model that would both respect the laws of nature and uplift people and communities.

Haslett-Marroquin, chief strategy officer for the Main Street Project, has developed a regenerative poultry project that pairs egg and meat production with other region- and climate-appropriate crops, such as hazelnut trees (northern climates) and olive trees (southern climates). OCA is working with Haslett-Marroquin on a pilot project at our Vía Orgánica teaching ranch in San Miguel de Allende.

On his book, Haslett-Marroquin says:

“In The Shadow of Green Man” is a story telling project … a book about my life. I hope this book will serve as a platform to embark on a conversation about hope and power in a new way, one that emerges from each of us and empowers us to take action to do good even in the midst of so much evil happening around the world.

Wise words for all of us, as we work together in the coming year to promote regenerative farming practices that work in harmony with nature, rather than destroy it.

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