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Music to Our Ears

An article published this week in “Inside Climate News” said that nearly 80 percent of countries signed on to the Paris Climate Agreement are finally factoring in agriculture as a means of fighting climate change.

Unfortunately, the U.S. isn’t leading the charge:

In the U.S., the world's second-largest greenhouse gas emitter, agriculture's role in climate change has been discussed mostly by advocacy groups. And while the Department of Agriculture has launched programs to increase farmland's capacity to capture carbon, those are voluntary. The U.S.'s plans for meeting the Paris goals rely mainly on energy and transportation.

That said, the U.S. is, finally, at least talking about soil health as a climate solution. And we’d like your help in pressuring Congress to keep that conversation going. 

We’ve put together two alerts that need your signature this week.

The first is a petition to the National Science and Technology Council’s Soil Science Interagency Working Group thanking the group for compiling “The State and Future of U.S. Soils: A Framework for a Federal Strategic Plan for Soil Science.”

The second is an invitation to your member of Congress inviting him or her to a briefing on the Hill (January 11) that OCA, Regeneration International and other groups organized. The briefing will include presentations by soil scientists on how organic and regenerative agriculture improves the soil’s ability to draw down and sequester carbon in the soil.

It’s music to our ears that U.S. government officials are thinking more about healthy soils and the critical role they play in fighting climate change. Let’s not allow the music to fall on deaf ears!

2017: Agriculture Begins to Tackle Its Role in Climate Change

TAKE ACTION: Invite Your Congresspersons to the 'Soil Is the Solution' Briefing  

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