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You know the feeling. You read an insightful or controversial article, and you think to yourself . . . wait a minute! That’s not right! Or . . . sure, there are some good points in here—but they’re missing this bit of key information, or this contrary viewpoint.

It happens a lot when much of what you read relates to your work. It’s definitely the case for OCA International Director Ronnie Cummins.

Ronnie has been deeply involved in policies related to organic standards, food, farming and the environment for more than 40 years. He has a unique perspective on just about everything he reads. Now, he’s sharing more of those perspectives, in his new blog.

You can check out Ronnie’s new blog here. Or follow @ronnie_cummins on twitter to catch all his posts.

Ronnie will also continue to write regular blog posts for the OCA blog, which also publishes posts by other OCA staffers.

Check out Ronnie’s new blog 

Follow @ronnie_cummins on twitter 

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