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Migration Magic!

Now you can combine international travel, adventure and organic food and agriculture education—with a three-day (two-night) trip to one of Mexico’s monarch butterfly sanctuaries. 

For the additional cost of $250, Vía Orgánica’s February ecotour will include a trip to the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary in Sierra Chincua, an area within Mexico’s Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, where one of the sanctuary’s experts will guide you through the spectacular annual, 3,000-mile migration story of the majestic monarch.  Ronnie Cummins, the OCA international director, will personally be on hand for parts of these tours, to answer questions and share his vision for transitioning to organic regenerative agriculture on a global scale.

This might be your last chance to see the monarchs in México this year, don’t miss this opportunity!

Vía Orgánica’s eight-day eco tours in the central highlands of Mexico include accommodations at the Vía Orgánica eco ranch and farm school, which serves as an educational farm and training center for farmers, students and activists in the organic food movement. The ranch includes a natural retreat center with adobe buildings, walking trails, solar power, rainwater catchment, and greywater and composting systems.

Tours also include side trips to San Miguel de Allende and other World Heritage sites, trail rides and nature walks, horseback riding, and organic farming and cooking workshops—and of course, the opportunity to join in lively discussions with OCA and Vía Orgánica staff and other tour participants. Cost for accommodations and all-organic meals is $1250 per person. (Add $250 if you want to take the 2-day monarch sanctuary trip).

Next tour dates:

•    February 15-22 (Register by January 20) *additional Monarch Butterfly tour*
•    April 5-12 (Register by March 10)

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